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Long Island Vineyards - Travel Saturday

Today’s location feature comes from a place close to my previous home: NYC.  The vineyards along the east end of Long Island towards the Hamptons are home to several great vineyards and old world brewing techniques.

On their main website,, the description of Long Island wines is summed up loud and clear: “It has been said by many that Long Island is one of the country’s most exciting wine producing regions today, with great reviews and high praise found in major food and wine publications nationwide. As the awards continue to accumulate, Long Island wines are increasingly sought after in fine restaurants and wine shops from coast to coast.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

While I have not been to any of these wineries on Long Island, I discovered a beautiful map of each one interconnected through  The artist Jacqueline Maloney lives in the Hampton Bays.  I’m sure her love of wine is strong, and this map is beautiful! I wish I would have gone given the chance!

All New Yorkers better head this way.  A gem like this cannot be wasted!

* print this map and see more here!